E-prints and work in progres

This page only contains work not yet published or accepted for publication. Please see ‘Publications’ for preprint versions of published and forthcoming papers, as well as for external links to publishers’ websites for the definitive published versions.

Peter E. Earl (2018) Richard H. Thaler: A Nobel Prize for Behavioural Economics

Peter E. Earl and Brendan Markey-Towler (2018) The Economics of Dread

Peter E. Earl (2017) ‘The mortgage treadmill versus discretionary spending and enforced leisure’

Peter E. Earl, Lana Friesen and Christopher Shadforth (2017) Elusive Optima: A Process Tracing Analysis of Procedural Rationality in Mobile Phone Connection Plan Choices

Peter E. Earl and Lana Friesen (2013) ‘Elusive optima: Behavioural welfare economics in complex dynamic markets’

Peter E. Earl (2013) ‘Markets and organizations as common pool resources’ (Presented to the 2013 AHE Conference, but I intend to develop it into a book.)

Peter E. Earl and Jason Potts (2012) ‘Grand designs versus bean counting: Creative cycles in firms’ (A very different version of this has been published with a different title in Managerial and Decision Economics,2016, but I prefer this version.)

Peter E. Earl (2012) ‘Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow from the standpoint of old behavioural economics’ (Presented to the 2012 HETSA Conference, some ideas from it are taken much further in chaper 8 of P.E. Earl and B. Littleboy (2014) GLS Shackle, Basingstoke, Palgrave.)

Peter E. Earl (2012) ‘Ethical issues underlying the teaching of economics’

‘An experiential approach to automotive consumption (The Much Too Long version)’, for a version with images and printer-friendly version of table (about 8mb) click here (.docx 5.2mb); for a version without photographs and with table in screen-friendly landscape format, click here (about 420kb); a much shorter paper, derived from this one, was published in 2012 in the Journal of Business Research.

Anders Grimsø Moe and Peter E. Earl (2009) ‘Bandwagon and Reputation Effects in the Popular Music Charts’.

Peter E. Earl (2008), Context and Choice: A Pluralistic Approach to Consumer Behaviour’, Paper presented to the 2008 Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics Conference, Anglia Rusking University, July. download

Peter E. Earl and Tim Wakeley (2007) ‘The Story of Perfect Competition and the Problem of Cognitive Dissonance’.

Peter E. Earl (2006) ‘Capability prerequisites and the competitive process’.

Peter E. Earl (1995) ‘Coordination problems in tertiary education and research’, paper presented at the G.B. Richardson Colloguium, St John’s College, Oxford, 4–6 January. download

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