The Shredecon Guitar Gallery (3) Basses and Extended Range Guitars

Cort A6
Cort Artisan 6-String Bass Guitar 04114288 2004 Korea

Musicma SterlingMusicman Sterling Bass Guitar F18484 2013 St Luis Obispo, USA

SterlingSterling SUB 5-String Bass Guitar 2014 Indonesia (For a quarter of the price of the US-made 4-strong, this is excellent value, with a 2-band EQ rather than a 3-band EQ being the only conspicuous differentiation. I prefer to play a 4-sting rather than a 5-string where possible so as to have fewer low strings to mute when not being played, so having this one plus the 4-string was an attractive alternative to paying the same overall price, or thereabouts, for a US Stingray 5.)

Yamaha TRB
Yamaha TRB Bass Guitar OFK21000 2007 Japan

Fender Roger ters PB
Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass MX12085811 2013 Mexico

Fender Fretless Jazz Bass MZ2176363 2003 Mexico (I bought this in 2005. What appear to be frets are merely position markers. It was supplied with flat-wound strings and it was necessary to switch to round-wound strings to get the classic fretless bass sound.)

Tokai Reberrocker
Rebelrocker Bass Guitar (copy of a Rickenbacker 4003) by Tokaia 2015 China (This is a very wellmade copy, plays very well and sounds like the real thing. Only sold under this logo in Australia. It was supplied by The Guitar Shop, Paddington, Brisbane, QLD.)

P1000250Ibanez BTB7 7-String Bass Guitar I130506483 2015 Indonesia (I bought this online from Port Mac Guitars, Port Macquarie, NSW, who have a huge range of Ibanez guitars at prices that are hard to beat in Australia, and whose website is clear about what is in stock versus what will have to be ordered in: this one arrived within 30 hours of the order being placed. The factory tuning is FCGDAEB but I tune it as EBGDAEB, i.e. as a 7-string guitar one octave down, to make it easier for using chords. It can be a bit tiring on the wrist if you are playing it standing up and doing a lot of notes at the bottom end, but I’ve found the width of the neck no problem if I’m sitting down when playing it for a long stint.)

Ibanez RG9Ibanez RG9 9-String I140704618 2014, Indonesia (Yes, it’s a guitar, but its range takes it below a 4-string bass. I sometimes tune it EBGDAEBGD instead of the factory tuning of EBGDAEBF#C#. Whilst most metal players would think of this for distorted tones, I prefer to play it cleanly through my bass amp, which covers the full range with a good tone. It sounds utterly terrible at the bottom end if you play it through one of my Roland Cube’s lead settings.)

Ibanez RGIF

Ibanez RGIF 8-String Fan-Fret Guitar I150910121 2015 Indonesia (Like the BTB7, this was purchased online from Port Mac Guitars. It is is a very different instrument from the RG9. It is really disconcerting to look at but the fan-fret layout and normal spaces between strings really work for making it feel completely normal to play. unlike the RG9. The standard tuning, with XL strings, is EBGDAEBF# but I have replaced the bottom F# with a slightly heavier 0.76 string and tuned it down to E. This means you can play 8-string major and minor bar chords, something that isn’t possible on the RG9 and it’s far happier with a guitar combo amp on a lead setting.)

Ibanez RGA7 7-String Guitar I091108608 2009 Indonesia (Purchaed secondhand from Port Macquarie Guitars: mint aside from having been fitted with EMG pickups.)

I use a Fender Rumble 100W amplifer.

Bass guitars that I used to own: Shergold bass/12-string twin-neck (1978-1983; sold to Alan Reed), Yamaha RBX400, Fender Japan Jazz Bass, Ibanez GSR205 5-String Bass.

Shergold bass/12-string that I owned from 1978-1983)

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From the Shredecon wardrobe: rock-star-style business shirts by David Smith Australia .

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