The Shredecon Guitar Gallery (4) Jazz Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, etc.

Jazz Guitars

Gibson HR
Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III 02376713 2006 Nashville, USA

Epiphone Joe Pass
Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II 1305230334 2013 Indonesia

Epiphone ES339

Epiphone ES-339 Pro 13111502797 2013 China

The two Epiphones together cost half the price of the Gibson, but play and sound just as well. I  recommend both very strongly.

Acoustic Guitars, etc.

Ovation Legend
Ovation Legend (steel stringed acoustic electric) 518079 1996 USA (This was purchased in 1996 as an upgrade from a Korean-made Ovation Celebrity that I’d had for about 10 years and which had no cut-away or preamp. Like the Celebrity, the action on the Legend was far too high when I first bought it, but I was able to lower it by removing one of the spacing shim strips below the bridge. Initially, aside from the better electronics, this guitar didn’t seem that much better than its cheaper predecessor, but over the years the sound has gradually improved as the timber has mellowed.)

Ovation 12string
Ovation Balladeer 12-string (acoustic electric) 507318 1996 USA (This was bought shortly after the Legend, after I had also tried a Takaine 12-string. It is one of my favourite guitars of all, and had a superb action right from the start. It’s the guitar on which I get the chord patterns that I work into pieces on Guitar Pro 6.)

Ovation ECA
Ovation Country Artist (nylon stringed acoustic electric) 493508 1995 USA (This is my least frequently-played Ovation, as when I want a get classical sound into the mixer I normally get it from one of the guitar synths.)

Yanaha Classical
Yamaha Classical Guitar G225A 1970s Japan (I bought this in McCann’s Music, Hobart, Tasmania in the late 1980s. I had spent a morning trying without success to find a classical guitar that I liked in Hobart’s other stores. Tony McCann showed me this one when I explained I’d had no luck elsewhere with guitars at $3-400. He said ‘It’s a rather battered-looking trade-in but it is better than any of the new ones we’ve got at the moment, at any price.’ He was right, and it was only $75. Perhaps that is why McCann’s has outlasted its rivals.)

Samick Mandolin
Samick Electric Mandolin SM20E 1997 Korea

Acoustic guitars I used to own: Eko Ranger, Ovation Celebrity.

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From the Shredecon wardrobe: rock-star-style shirts by David Smith Australia

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