The Corporate Imagination: How Big Companies Make Mistakes (1984, Brighton, Wheatsheaf Books)

Download The Corporate Imagination as a single file (24.1 MB)

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Download parts of the book
Front Cover, Front Matter, Contents, Preface and Introduction
Chapter 1: The Simple Mechanics of Corporate Growth and Decline
Chapter 2: Choosing the Boundaries of a Firm
Chapter 3: The Managerial Imagination
Chapter 4: Corporate Ambitions and Learning
Chapter 5: The Structure of Corporate Revolutions
Chapter 6: Diversification and Rationalisation
Chapter 7: Learning Curves and Experience Curves
Chapter 8: Product/Process Lifecycle Interactions
Chapter 9: Strategy and Organisational Structure
Chapter 10: Disappointing Corporate Marriages
Chapter 11: Implications for Government Policy
Dust Jackets

This e-book version has been made possible by Pearson, the current owner of Harvester-Wheatsheaf, kindly releasing the rights to the book to the author.


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